Team Social Events Keep Our Company Culture Strong

Keeping the Arcanum Consulting, Inc. culture strong and inviting is one of our top priorities. We know that if we spend time together getting to know one another outside of work, those bonds will come back with us to the office and make our workplace environment even more motivating and inspiring. We frequently get together for team nights and social events and had an especially great time at our annual Memorial Day BBQ this year. Even friends and family were welcome to bring their favorite dishes and join us.

Though it would be enough, there’s more to our social events than just enhanced camaraderie. Having a tight-knit group of friends to work with also makes us more productive. After all, when we come to the Arcanum Consulting, Inc. office, we’re there making great memories with our friends! There are some interesting studies to back us up as well, with one from the University of Warwick showing that when people were given “happiness shocks,” their productivity increased up to 20 percent.

While better communication and increased productivity are two excellent reasons to make sure our team members are having fun at work, they’re not the only two. Check out our Arcanum Consulting, Inc. Newswire feed to learn about the other reasons that a positive office environment filled with laughter makes good business sense as well.