Starting Off 2019 With a Big Trip

We’ve got big goals for Arcanum Consulting, Inc. and there’s no better way to set our sights higher than to bolster our knowledge at an industry-wide event. During the first quarter, our top performers will be heading to Dallas, Texas to attend the quarterly networking conference and we can’t wait to see what they bring back!

This conference is all about expanding our knowhow in the interactive marketing industry. While we do plenty of training in-house at Arcanum Consulting, Inc., we’re firm believers in the more you know, the further you will go. So, we invest in sending our experts to events like this where they’ll pick up new techniques and best practices from other leaders from across the nation.

Those team members selected to attend will participate in hands-on training sessions and workshops in which they’ll exchange ideas and see what is effective in other regions. There will also be keynote addresses from top names in sales and marketing, which will provide our people with insights into the bigger picture. Anyone who has taken part in this event before has returned even more inspired to reach goals and see how far they can go.

Of course, the main event is networking. From meeting others who have exceled in their own offices to leaders who have written the book on success in this field, attendees from Arcanum Consulting, Inc. will gain potent new connections.

We’re certain to be sharing highlights both during this exciting event and after we return. Follow us on to see how our adventure unfolds.