Social Events and Recognition: Pillars of Our Culture

A healthy work culture has always been a top Arcanum Consulting, Inc. priority. When people feel supported and appreciated in their roles, they put in more effort and produce better results. In turn, this creates happy and motivated associates that look forward to coming to the office each day.

Getting our people together outside of work is one way we ensure such a milieu. Arcanum Consulting, Inc. team nights often include bowling, going out to dinner, or even catching a sports game. Connecting with our colleagues on a personal and social level raises the bar for what we can achieve when we’re back on the clock, because when we’re having fun together we’re also bonding with each other and setting up communication patterns that make teamwork much smoother.

Recognition plays a vital role in team building as well. By noting achievements and freely showing our gratitude, we make it known that we appreciate each other and reward those who embrace our methods and learn how to get results. Every time a team member hits a major milestone, we’re sure to let him or her know that they are noticed and valued, allowing them to feel pride in their work while encouraging similar behavior in the future.

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