Sail Past the First Round of Interviews Smoothly

Team Arcanum Consulting, Inc. appreciates candidates who take interview prep seriously. It’s not just about researching the main questions or considering what to wear. It’s about how to stand out from the crowd of applicants as the person most qualified for the role.

“Finding and attracting top talent helps us keep our company on a thriving path of success,” stated the President of Arcanum Consulting, Inc., Mitchell. “We regularly explore the latest best practices in hiring to ensure we are doing our best to recruit great people. Having multiple interviews is a common strategy, because with each additional interaction we learn something new about our potential team member.”
To make it to our second round of interviews, we recommend that you:

• Reflect on Your Career Journey: Even if it’s your first real interview after graduation, you’ve likely shown certain traits that are appealing to a potential employer (determination to get through a difficult class, leading a group project, etc.). Use these as examples to support your answers to questions during the first meeting.

• Know Your Own Body Language: We know someone is excited about an opportunity when their shoulders are held back, and they make eye contact. Make sure your body language matches the message you’re sharing.

These are just a couple of tips that will help an interviewee make it to the second round. Learn more of our tips by visiting our Arcanum Consulting, Inc. Newswire feed.