Making the Most of Our Daily Commutes

We’re goal-oriented people, and enjoy being as productive as possible with our time throughout the week. Staying proactive is the key to getting ahead of the competition. One way we’ve found to improve our results is by getting creative with our Arcanum Consulting, Inc. commutes.

Here are some of our tips for using travel time well:

• Podcasts: A hybrid of iPod and broadcast, podcasts have become one of the most valuable sources of info around the Arcanum Consulting, Inc. office. While there are many great business options, podcasts exist for almost any topic we can think of, allowing us to indulge our curiosity in a variety of subjects.

• Books: Whether digital, audio, or old-fashioned print, books are still the best way to expand our skills and sharpen our thinking. Nonfiction provides us with hard data and strategies for self-improvement, while fiction helps us develop empathy and insight.

• Write: Even for those who don’t aspire to be an author, writing is a valuable pastime. Ten focused minutes of journaling on the way to work can create clarity of purpose that drives success throughout the day; ten focused minutes of journaling on the way home gives us perspective on the day’s events and reveals opportunities for growth.

Our commutes have become useful and pleasant parts of our professional lives. Learn more of our success tips by following Arcanum Consulting, Inc. on Twitter.