Make the Most of a Mentor Relationship

Ask any successful person how they got to where they are today and they’ll list off various individuals who provided them with guidance and support along the way. Also known as mentors, these people are invaluable to anyone who seeks to go the distance in life. Around Arcanum Consulting, Inc., we’ve elevated mentorship to a new level.

Within our Arcanum Consulting, Inc. learning environment, not only do our people engage in immersive training from day one, but they’re paired with coaches. These seasoned managers are masters at knowledge transfer when it comes to our business model, so our newest team members can learn from the experts.

Our mentorship philosophy extends well beyond our program, though. We encourage our people to actively seek other professionals in our industry and in our community from whom they can learn and grow. Of course, having a mentor isn’t just about what we can glean from their experiences. We should consider what we have to offer them as well in terms of our talents.

When we work with a mentor, we need to be mindful of his or her time. For example, we should know our goals and what we want to accomplish so that we can tailor their input accordingly. Second, we need to be open to feedback and listen actively. After all, our objective is to learn from those who have been there, done that.

Remember, every successful person started somewhere and learned from others. Follow Arcanum Consulting, Inc. on Twitter for more tips on how to find a mentor and grow personally and professionally from his or her wisdom.