Interviewing Tips That Make Sense to Introverts

Effective recruitment is one of the ways we ensure Arcanum Consulting, Inc. continues to grow. We frequently research the best practices in hiring to help us find and attract the top talent in the area. Through this process, we’ve learned a lot about popular interview strategies, especially those that would appeal to professionals with more introverted personalities.

For example, while Arcanum Consulting, Inc. introverts enjoy having company, they gather their thoughts better when they have some peace and quiet. One tip we’ve found is for introverts to give themselves a cushion of time before and after an interview (we recommend at least 30 minutes) in which they can be alone. This will allow them to be at their peak during the meeting.

Also, it’s not necessary to be high-energy during the entire interview. Instead, we suggest putting the most effort into making a positive impact at the beginning. Immediately flash a big smile, confidently shake hands, extend a warm and enthused greeting, and then feel free to revert back to quietly observing. Likewise, put a lot of energy into the end of the conversation. By bookending the meeting with your best social efforts, you make yourself memorable without pretending to be gregarious.

We appreciate our introverted colleagues and the unique strengths they bring to the team. To find more interview tips geared for quieter souls, follow Arcanum Consulting, Inc. on Twitter.