Follow Katie as She Expands Our Influence Into Ohio

Team Arcanum Consulting, Inc. has had a great 2019, and we’ve already got big plans for 2020. We are excited to announce that we will be expanding into a new territory in Cleveland. Our account manager, Katie, will be leading the way.

Katie has worked incredibly hard to earn the right to lead her own team into a fresh market, and we are confident that she will be successful. She has proven her leadership skills to everyone in the Arcanum Consulting, Inc. office, and though we will miss her we’re excited to see what she accomplishes in her new role.

Opening a new office leads to many growth opportunities for our current and future team members. Katie will be taking key leaders with her to her new HQ, which gives our people room to take on more responsibilities and fill those positions. Then, of course, there will be a need to bring on new hires in both locations. All this, plus the excitement of ringing in a new year, creates an incredible amount of energy that we’re prepared to harness and use as fuel to help us fly past our 2020 goals.

Congratulations again to Katie on her promotion, and we wish her and her team the best of luck as they establish themselves in the Cleveland area. To learn about the chances to join our teams in Minnesota or Ohio, Follow Arcanum Consulting, Inc. on LinkedIn.