Dress for Success and See More Results

As masters of on-site promotions, we know how important it is for everyone within Team Arcanum Consulting, Inc. to project a professional appearance. We’re representing top brands and our partners expect that we will do so in a polished manner. Since first impressions matter, and our attire is what people notice initially, we do spend time discussing how to dress for success.

There are many aspects to dressing professionally that we discuss in our Arcanum Consulting, Inc. training. Needless to say, clean and pressed clothes and a well-groomed appearance are must-haves. However, there are other factors to looking good that can be overlooked that we like to highlight:

• Well-Fitted Wardrobe: The most impressively dressed individuals look like the clothes were made to fit them perfectly. That’s not always possible to accomplish with off-the-rack purchases. Fortunately, tailors and seamstresses can alter clothes so that they fit like they were custom-made.

• Watch Inside of Bags: Since it’s likely that we might have to open our briefcase or purse during a meeting, we should strive to keep the clutter and contents to a minimum to avoid prolonged searches for items. One pro tip is to make sure whatever we tote along is relevant to that function. If other accessories are needed, they can be stored elsewhere, like in a car or locker.

• Elegant Watch: In today’s era in which people tend to have their phones available to check time, a good watch is still noticed by others.

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