By Celebrating Small Wins, We Encourage Big Victories

Growth is an Arcanum Consulting, Inc. value, and one of the ways we express this is through our commitment to helping our team members advance in their careers. Not only do we ensure that there are clearly-defined advancement paths attached to each position in our company, but we also spend a lot of time discussing best practices when it comes to getting ahead.

One of the strategies we’ve found most helpful when it comes to maintaining positive career momentum is celebrating small wins in our Arcanum Consulting, Inc. office. This means taking note when our colleagues make the little decisions that eventually lead to big achievements, not just congratulating them when major milestones are reached. Acknowledging little triumphs is a great way to boost confidence and keep each other on track when working toward long-term goals.

For example, we make sure to recognize each other for having the courage to seek out guidance. Experience may be the best teacher, but it’s smart to use other people’s experience when possible, and we make sure to let someone know that by asking for help, they’re on the path to success.

Also, when someone is obviously putting in the effort to achieve a goal, but not seeing outcomes right away (fitness programs come to mind), we congratulate one another on putting in the work. The decision to be persistent is the real victory; once we’ve mastered this, results are inevitable.

By celebrating each other’s small wins, we encourage big achievements. Learn more about our success strategies by liking Arcanum Consulting, Inc. on Facebook.